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Getting started
Getting started on ticcr – What to expect
If you haven’t already signed up for an account, this is the place to begin.

Signing up for an account
Visit the Sign Up page, where you’ll get to enter your email address, username and password. You will need to verify your email address using the email automatically sent to you. After you become a verified user, you will be able to make trades, buy coins, follow and get followers.
I have signed up, now what?
Once you're signed up and your account is verified, you'll see the main home-page:
Fig 1. Who to follow tab is where you can find new traders and investors to follow. They are sorted from highest to lowest ATR (Average return per trade). Simply click on a trader to visit their profile.

Fig 2. Following tab is where you can see all the traders and investors you're currently following and get an overview of your monthly expenditures.

Fig 3. Followers tab is where you can see all the people that have decided to follow you. This is also where you can get an overview of your monthly income.

Fig 4. Coin Balance Your current coin balance. Click on it to buy or sell coins.

Fig 5. Notifications Whenever someone does something that is connected to you, you'll see a little blue dot over the bell that indicates you have new unread notifications. Click on it to expand the notifications-menue.

Fig 6. You Click on the user-icon to get access to your profile and settings.

Fig 7. calculated ATR A trader's calculated ATR is the traders average return per trade over every trade a trader has made. An ATR of 3% means that the trader is making an average profit of 3% over any given trade.

Fig 8. Number of trades ATR calculated on number of trades the trader has made.

Fig 9. Volatility beacon indicates how volatile the trader is. An uneven pattern with large and small spikes indicates high volatility and an even pattern where all spikes are equally large indicates low volatility.

The terminal
The terminal is where you open, close, and manage market positions. The terminal is connected and supports trading on 150+ global exchanges, with over 250,000+ stocks, bonds, futures, CFDs, currencies and crypto currencies.
Fig 1. Buy tab is where you buy an instrument or enter a position on the market. To find the correct instrument, you need to enter it's ticker. Ticcr supports tickers entered in RIC-format (Reuters Insturment Code). To learn more about ticker-formats when trading on ticcr, click here.

Fig 2. Sell tab is where you can see all your current positions on their market and their current yield. This is also where you exit a position.

Fig 3. Move You can move the terminal around in the general to better suit your current view.

Fig 4. Enter a ticker in RIC-format. To learn more about ticker-formats on ticcr, click here.

Fig 5. Select type Enter the type of instrument you're looking for after entering it's ticker.

Getting started FAQ
Currently, there are no items under "Getting started FAQ". Have a question? Contact us.
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