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How does it work?
Ticcr allows you to share your trades and follow the top traders in real time.

As a trader on ticcr you share your knowledge and expertise to your private group of followers by making fictional trades against the current market. All buys and sells are instantaneously visible to your followers who can then make their own analysis, learn, discuss and act accordingly. Our trading platform supports 150+ global exchanges, 250,000+ stocks, bonds, futures, CFDs, currencies and crypto currencies.

As a follower on ticcr you get access to trader's and investor's buys and sells in real time and can then learn, discuss, act accordingly. You can easily find and follow traders that suit your own preferred style of investing by looking at the trader’s trading history and metrics.

Everything on ticcr is tracked and analyzed so that you easily can identify which traders to follow. Ticcr automatically tracks data-points such as:
Ticcr tracks every trader's wins and losses down to the very last detail.
Risk level
How much money is a trader prepared to lose over any given trade, over any given period of time?
Is a trader active (short-term) or passive (long-term)
How and where do traders allocate their time and resources?
Introduction FAQ
Is ticcr free?
Becoming a trader on ticcr, selling and buying instruments is completely free. Following a trader and to see their trades and metrics in real time costs 1 ticcr coin per month. This gives you access to all instrument-data related to a trade including ticker information, exchange, investment strategy and more. Read more about ticcr coins here.
Do I need to connect to a trading platform in order to show my trades on ticcr?
No. All trades are made directly on ticcr. Ticcr is connected to 150+ global exchanges with support for 250,000+ stocks, bonds, futures, CFDs, currencies and crypto currencies. Trades are fictional/virtual and your ticcr-portfolio’s performance and development is mirrored against the current market but without the use of real money.
Do I need any experience to become a trader on ticcr?
Ticcr can be used whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced trader. All that matters is how good you are at predicting the outcome of the market. Ticcr is completely risk-free and should therefor be considered an excellent training tool to learn and improve your investing strategies in a simulated environment.
How much will I make as a trader on ticcr?
Currently, you get 0.5 coins per follower and month up to 1000 followers. 0.75 coins per month and follower 1000-10,000 followers. 0.9 coins per month and follower over 10,000 followers. 1 coin = €10. Read more on coins here.
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